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Board Time

It has been one of those few weeks where you seriously consider the point of carrying on working.

Suddenly everyone wants work completed the day before yesterday, but they have not asked until the day after tomorrow!

What this tells me is two things. One they are stressed out and have been lumbered with more work than they can cope with. Secondly, and consequently, they have forgotten what they are supposed to be doing and only remember when it is too late to really do something about it.

Unfortunately I was on the receiving end of this stress driven anxiety the other day. A seemingly innocuous message arrived asking about a report they had asked me, by email, to write just before Christmas that was supposed to be due back that day.

‘What report was that?’ I enquired scouring my email for a hint of what I might have missed. I could find no trace of any email in my rather overstuffed work email account. A previous debacle had turned me into a hoarder of emails, so these days I rarely delete emails until they are at least three years old and some are kept in perpetuity.

Queue a headless chicken routine from the requester. This got particularly animated when I asked if they had been in contact before to enquire where  I was with said report. Of course they had not, probably too stressed to consider following up.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I spent a very bored day and night, about 18 hours in all, when I should have been doing something else completing their report. At which point you would think they would appear grateful. Not this person, their retort to me when I sent it to them was more like ‘and don’t leave it so late next time’!

As this was me doing them a favour in the first place – the scenario is too long to go into here – I suppose I was well within my rights to feel aggrieved a this.

I have resolved in future to do less favours and act more like the character in the cartoon below.


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