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Get What you Deserve

I learnt a long time ago that if one wanted to get through life without all the regret and histrionics, one should not expect too much.

The ‘sweet spot’ is to go for small increments and anything larger that happens to you is a big bonus and will probably fill you with more joy than if you think you deserve it in the first place.

So, when new tasks come around at work, I do not think I will receive anything other than a crock! There will be no recognition for taking on additional tasks, just the unreasonable fact that what little time I once had to do the things to aid my career, is smaller than before.

That said, I have been able to mitigate the worst of it. Given I actually have a substantial role that no one else has been bothered to get their head round, I can make a strong case for refusing most of the extra work.

Having said that, if I were one to be flexible with rules and regulations, I could probably take much time to daydream in the office. Of course the hope would be that no one ever questioned my work, lest they realise it is mostly flimflam. Failing being very popular with my line manager, I have taken to knowing the rules better than they; much to their chagrin at times.

Do I get what I deserve? Sometimes; but that is only right if I want to avoid stress.

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