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Boys at Exeter academy wear skirts in uniform protest

I noticed the article in the title today. It made me think of all those who have to wear long trousers, shirt and tie to the classroom.

It cannot be ‘fun’ to stand there in full regalia in 35 degree heat without the benefit of air conditioning.

Of course, some colleagues have to teach around the world in higher temperatures. This is also problematic, but has been a trend for many years.

Some might say that here in the UK we only have such temperatures for a few days and so should just put up with it as they wont last.

However, it is easy to say this if you are used to such temperatures. I saw colleagues melting in the heat this week. Putting up with it stoically they let their sweat drip off their faces, only occasionally wiping it away when it became a nuisance.  Why did they perspire so much? Because they they were wearing dress code attire and there was no movement of air in the university buildings. staff had to bring in their own fans or beg and borrow them from the university.

It was notable that in my building their air temperature was 40c, but no one was told to relax their dress. It is ironic that in winter we are told to wear sensible shoes and wrap up warm if there is ice or snow, but in summer, it is everyone for themselves.

Ah, the  British.

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